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How to Cure Your Homosexual Son or Daughter

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I get a lot of email and comments every day on this site, though I may not update it as often as I should. For those of you that have read my bio, you've learned that I've worked with my local church in the past curing the confusion and sin of homosexuality.

People assume that this site just generates hate mail, but I have to say the most common email I receive is from a parent looking for guidance on their child. "My son listens to Justin Beiber." "My daughter seems very flirty with her girl friends." These are real concerns for a parent. If you don't want your children burning in hell and genuinely care about their souls you'll protect them from the sin of homosexuality.

You have to remember, as a Christian parent, that it isn't your fault. We live in a world with subliminal homosexual propaganda in television, newspapers and on the internet (which seems to consume a teenagers life). There is a constant war going on for your child's mind. If it isn't the atheists on the attack, it's the homosexuals pushing their "culture" down the throat of every child in America.

Well for those you that just had children, you have to protect them from the ever imposing gay culture because no one else is going to protect them for you. Do you expect a public school teacher to protect them? A filthy, probably atheist, union worker is nothing more than a propagandist trying to teach our children to ignore God, their parents and of good common sense.

Can My Homosexual Child have a Meaningful Life?

If you're child is gay and you're not willing to fix that, they can still have a productive life. And like I've mentioned in the past, gay people should be allowed to serve openly in the army. They don't need the best weapons or body armor. And it's a great way to save a UAV from destruction when we can send in the homosexuals. In fact, I think an army of gays would actually work quite well against Islamic Extremists.

This is probably something you don't want for your child because the only good comes from their death. You should, as a Christian, want your child to be saved by our God.

The solution to homosexuality is God and only God. Your local church should have events for such things. And it's best to consult with them. If they don't, you should probably not being going to that church (most likely infiltrated by liberal pussies that believe in Gods). These events put on by your local church do work. Your son or daughter is designed, by our perfect God, to be attracted to the opposite sex. The gay agenda of indoctrination and propaganda is nothing more than brainwashing. And we just need to erase that.

The most popular organization that does this is Exodus International, so definitely look there if you need additional information.

An Aside:

I want to point out something that may be of a confusing to some people; anal sex is gay whether it is between a man and a woman or a man and a man. A lot of people like to play semantics with this concept like with the definition of homosexual, but there is only one thing to take away from this; you will burn in hell. Your children will burn in hell for this.

It's important that everyone is aware of how rules work. Homosexual acts are homosexual. That's the sin of it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Anonymous said...

You are fucked up

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
We all have the freedom of speech in America, however, not all of us have tact. I may not like what you say, (in fact I find it so offensive and bigoted that I believe you need to open your eyes to God. It is only He who has the power and right to judge), but you do have the right to speak your mind.
I find your trouble with acceptance very concerning; God loves all his children, even the not-straight ones.
I am a pansexual, bi-gender person and deserve to be treated as a human and as do you.
Being pansexual means I have the capability to be attracted to people of every gender, and yes, there are more than just males and females; those who are intersex are often overlooked. being bi-gendered means I identify with both male and female.
Most importantly, I am Christian and I spend my life serving God the best way I can. It is none of my business if others do the same. God loves everyone of us and I hope He softens your heart to acceptance.
Broken meet, hopeful part, and merry meet again

Anonymous said...

This entire website and everyone who writes blogs on it is fucked to high heave and will probably be the ones to burn in hell

Anonymous said...

wow, you really think your "god" wants you to act like this. If he is real you will be the one burning in hell.

Anonymous said...

This site was made to discredit Christians.

Anonymous said...

Christians discredit themselves just fine.

They don't need help.