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Nickelback: Canada's Butt Plug

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nickelback is a Filthy Canadian band originating out of Oil Rich Alberta. Canadians love this overly bland, shitty music where every song sounds the same.

The worst part of this band is that it has infested the United States and I have to hear it. Chad Kroeger, the lead singer, is the biggest fairy that definitely takes a double penetration of butt plugs every night before he sucks his thumb to sleep.

Canada is a filthy socialist nation and Nickelback is nothing more than Canadian assholes that are traveling around the world spreading their hippy bullshit message of universal government care, abortions and nationalized business. is a very popular news site where people get to vote for whatever they think is popular and whatever is popular is what is seen. Well, it's overrun by morons that vote for pro-Democrats, anti-Republican, environmentalist crap, pro-Terrorist, pro-Obama, and apparently pro-Nickelback.

Someone posted this, the proof that Nickelback songs are all the same, and it gets buried (voted down) because they love the liberal Canadian butt plug plowing their anus.

The Canadian Butt Plug band called Nickelback is destroying Americans, American culture and American children with their bland, overly generalized, socialistic propaganda abortionist music. They need to be banned forever.


Anonymous said...

Better than shitty Christian rock.

Anonymous said...

"Better than shitty Christian rock." That was a lame ass 'comeback'. And that's not saying much either. Nickelback is very bland, ordinary, boring band. And their songs do sound alike.

Anonymous said...

Nickleback and Christian Rock are both shitty, and the author obviously doesn't know that most canadians are sick of Nickleback. He/she also must not know that America doesn't need Canadas help in the destruction of their children, culture, and ecomony as they do it just fine by themselves

Anonymous said...

The lead singer looks like a douche bag

Anonymous said...

Chad Kroeger is a chode smoker, Nickelback get there name from the first time they played live, one guy turned up to the show and at the end he said, you guys are shit house, gimme my fuckin' nickel back!