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All Women Are Whores

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, if your in denial, a liberal, or been stuck in the African Jungle for most of your life, you probably wouldn't have realized that all women are whores. It's sad, but true. It is more important than ever to get the bible into schools NOW, so we don't end up with a female whore epidemic.

I was looking at an article and behold my glory, 1 in 4 Teen Girls has STDs!!!! Told ya so!

About half of the girls acknowledged ever having sex; among them, the rate was 40 percent. While some teens define sex as only intercourse, other types of intimate behavior including oral sex can spread some infections.
Filthy Filthy Whores! And look at the lies. They whore and can't even tell the truth.
"High STD rates among young women, particularly African-American young women, are clear signs that we must continue developing ways to reach those most at risk,"
That's right! It's time to get the Bible back into schools. With the Power of Christ we can save our daughters from turning into dirty whores that are destroying America. We need to step up and demand that the atheists be removed from government and push our great Christian values into government.

I've stated my problems about women and this is only leading to more problems when they get married. I wrote a guide on the role of the wife, so make sure you keep your wife in order with this.

America is being destroyed by the Atheists that want people to live without any moral compass. They want people to be whores, get aids and die. That's how these sick atheists think. We need to reach our children and most importantly, protect them from atheists. Stand by me and demand government institute the Christian ideals that our founding fathers envisioned when they created this country.


Wegrit said...

I have another logic question (oh and you do make it so easy.)

If all women are whores, which you claim in this entry and all whores are beyond salvation, which you implied in the Sherry entry, then what do you want to make a wife of them for anyway?

By associating yourself with and having sex with (but never outside of marriage of course because then naturally *you* would be spiting God) a woman who cannot be saved, which is apparently all of womankind by grade nine's transitive property,* then aren't you then condemned for having had relations with a whore and beyond salvation yourself?

*if a = b and b = c then a = c
so, using your words, if all women are whores and all whores are beyond salvation then all women are beyond salvation

Wegrit said...

Hahahahaha! I get the joke. The joke was funny when I only got half of it. It's hilarious now.

Your whole point is to inflame the liberals with misogynistic, McCarthy-esque, hyper-conservativism and you seem to be perfectly capable of it by relying on a fundamental lack of sources and/or logic.

So have fun, dude! Enjoy! It's been good for a laugh! I have to admit, it's refreshing not to have to listen to all the bullshit that surrounds valid arguments.

Conservatipedia said...

You're very dense, you know?

I never said all whores where beyond salvation. I stated that Sherry was going to Hell for having anal sex. If I have illustrated the evils of anal sex. I've also posted about prostitutes that are now born again Christians. Whoring is bad, but you're not damned to Hell.

As for marriage, all women need to be beat into submission. Just like children need to be spanked, women need to be beat. After a woman has been given a good beating she'll make a fine wife.

Anonymous said...

Ahem. Logical thought please.

1) Your statistics do not show that all women are sexually active.
a) They are polls taken of a sample of girls/women, not a comprehensive survey.
b) They do not show universal sexual activity even within the sample group.
Hence it is incorrect to conclude that all women are sexually active.

2)The definition of a whore is a woman who obtains payment in exchange for sex. To be sexually active does not mean that the woman or girl is being paid. Consequently , sexually active women are not neccessarially whores.

3) There is nothing morally wrong with being sexually active. The christian moral structure is based on a heavily distorted interpretation of the bible, which is a mis-translated, selective collection of writings by iron age goat sacrificers. Their moral conclusions permitted slavery, genocide, human sacrifice, pedofilia and incest. I would not recommend taking the bible as a moral guide.

4) Athiests do not live without a moral code. They simply live by codes not based solely on religion.

I would recommend to your attention, the selection of essays entitled 'Godless Morality' by Richard Holloway (himself a bishop). The central theory of the essays is that given the debate arround the accuracy of the reported word of god, and the existance of god, the use of god in moral arguement is worthless. Consequently, Holloway presents a human-centred arguement for morality. This book is useful to both athiests and christians as an examination of contemporary morality.

You might also find it helpful to examine your moral standards independently of the concept of sin. I.e. ask 'Why is it wrong?' and seek an answer other than, 'Because I believe/the bible says/god says/etc that it is wrong/sinful?' Possible answers would be 'Because it harms others' or 'Because it breaks the law' or 'Because it damages society as a whole'. Then ask yourself 'How?' as in, 'How are others harmed?' Then ask, 'Could this harm be prevented/corrected without the challanged behaviour being halted?'

Taking your own example of sexual activity, you might consider it to be morally wrong on the basis that it leads to the spread of STDs, harming those affected. You could then note that the harm would be prevented if sexually active people practiced safe sex, and conclude that only unprotected sex was morally objectionable. (This isn't intended to be comprehensive - there are other arguements to consider). People may come to different final conclusions.

The point is, you have to think it through. Basing a moral arguement on 'Because god said so' is intellectually lazy, and leaves you with great gaping holes in your moral framework, because moral problems exist today that were not considered by patriarchal, iron-age, tribal societies. (If you doubt this, consider the ethics of embriology, stem-cell research, cloning, data privacy, intellectual property rights, sperm and egg donation, organ donation, in-utero correction of congenital defects, chemical regulation of fertility, genetic modification, biological warfare, environmental ethics, colonial reparations, etc.)

Craig (Jesus's Brother) said...

HA! This is just fantastic work! A great example of web humor. The dedication you put forth in creating these blogs is astounding. I must admit that you almost had me convinced for a second that this site was genuine. I'm just curious about one thig. Do you also run, or is it like a tag-team affair with some friends? Either way, funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sir, i genuinely do not believe that you are telling the truth with this literary abomination, but if you are than may i suggest you seek a very strong prescription.

aubeard said...

I love dealing with retarded sociopaths. Idiocy is a fun entertainment for the few people that have working brains. Thanks for the fleeting circus like enjoyment. Sadly all the Bushites will take this seriously and think they need to train the "heathens"- you know, the people that DON'T shoot their friends in the face--the current presidential race is almost funny, does it really matter whether McCain,Obama,Clinton actually wins? The differences are minute. The IMPORTANT thing is, ANY ONE OF THEM IS NOT retardoboybush. A Small improvement is still an improvement.

Anonymous said...

this is probably why you don't have a girlfriend, you fucking biggot. this is probably why you will die a 40 year old virgin.